Jan 21, 2006

Seriously, That's a Dog

No, we haven't switched to covering ugly janitorial supplies. We are still posting on ugly animals. That's right - this is a dog. This animal was brought to our attention by one of our readers, Joe. He encountered this breed, known as the puli, while in Hungary - which is where it was domesticated a long, long time ago.

Photo courtesy: kixit.dk.

This dog was bred to be a sheepherder. I'm not sure how even a sheep could respect an animal for which there is no identifiable front or rear end, no legs, and you can't even tell whether it is alive or dead. I guess we just have to trust our Magyar brothers when they speak with pride about this native ugly.


Anonymous said...

I seriously thought that was a mop at first.

Like persian cats, you really have to wonder WHY anyone would bother breeding something like this.

Anonymous said...

The dog's fur is incredibly over-grown, normally these dogs has much shorter hair. Pulis are very fast and agile dogs, they can be easily trained.

Raging Wombat said...

It's comforting to know that this specimen isn't standard for the breed. I'd like to see one that is groomed properly.

Aaron said...

I think they are also called Komandors at times...and have fur like mops...(obviously)