Aug 13, 2009

Taste for German Flesh

I've posted on giant catfish before, including the goonch. But never (knowingly) on the Wels catfish (Silurus Glanis). These beasts have the distinction of being the second largest freshwater fish found in Europe, second only to the beluga sturgeon. They've also gained a second distinction: for having developed a taste for German flesh.

In my effort to stay abreast of current events concerning uglies the world over, I bring you a tale from June of 2008. It's the story of bathers fearing to enter a popular lake near Berlin. More than one bather has found herself bitten on the leg by what experts can only assume is a Wels catfish, since large bites are consistent with their wide mouths and small, needle-like teeth (see last image).

Sei vorsicht, you Berliners. There's a catfish out there mit ihrem Namen on it.


Photo source: SpiegelOnline


Anonymous said...

There was even an explanation in the news how they discovered us as there new delicatess. Sadly I cant remember it... I will try to find it again. Meanwhile I will stay away from Berlin lakes.

Anonymous said...

They found they were biting people to chase them away from their nests.

Ellen said...

This is why I was always afraid to swim in Lake Erie while I was a child. I thought I was over that fear until today!!!

george said...

Please make a real pictures when you show the size of the catfish. the world record is 297 lbs/135kg. So don't go mad with Photoshop.