Aug 23, 2009

Possible Condor Reintroduction

The California Condor might be coming home to roost for the first time in the northern reaches of its native territory, which was once as far north as British Columbia. The Yurok tribe is seeking to reintroduce them, and I can't help but offer my sincere wishes that the condor is able to propagate itself in the northern wilds once more.

Photo source: AP Photo/Rick Bowmer via Yahoo! News

Here's some historical perspective on the California Condor: the first written record we have of one is from 1602 when they were spotted feasting on a whale carcass in Monterey Bay. Then, in 1805 the Lewis and Clark expedition caught one that had been feeding on a whale carcass. In 2006, five condors were found in Big Sur feasting on...can you guess it?...a whale carcass.

The average whale carcass can feed a population of condors for months, and as I've read elsewhere, dead whales were a primary food source for condors back in the day. But we're so diligent in keeping our coastline clear of dead whales, that the condors aren't able to feed like they used to.

I don't really know how to fix that situation. Maybe one of you ecologists or biologists or someone more familiar with condors or the disposal of dead whales can weigh in.


Marmaduke said...

In Oregon, the use dynamite to remove whale carcasses. In Taiwan, they use garden hoses.

Denita TwoDragons said...


Oh c'mon, you can't post a picture like that and expect me not to throw in a quote!

Ellen said...

Ok, so I had to click on the garden hose link. What are they going to accomplish with that?!?