Aug 27, 2009

Lunar ROUS

Photo source:
ROUS alert. This beast, known as the moon rat (Echinosorex gymnurus), is the largest member of the order of Insectivora. That's right, there's no larger rodent-like scourge among the terrestrial invertebrates of Southeast Asia than the moon rat, which gets to be the size of a house cat.

What really ups their charm, besides those wee beady eyes, that glistening nose, and its scaly tail, is the onion or strong garlic smell they secrete from their anal glands.

Hmm, pair this creature up with the vinegaroon, and you've got yourself a ready-made salad dressing.

Thanks for the moon rat, David.


librarianjessica said...

I guess the dread pirate Wesley was wrong - they do exist. ;-)

Karl Zimmerman said...

Despite its name, the moon rat is not a rodent - it's essentially a large hedgehog.

Anonymous said...

The Capybara is the true ROUS.

Ellen said...

It looks like an opposum and a rat had a litter!