Sep 6, 2007

How About It?

The aye-aye (daubentonia madagascariensis) has some very interesting qualities. But as far as looks go, they wouldn't be that horrific--until you look at those hands/paws. They look like something out of a werewolf flick. Or maybe a weremonkey movie. How about it, Hollywood?

Thanks for the link, Chris.

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jynxkat said...

ah-one of my favorite weird animals- the aye-aye uses its long fingers to tap on the trunks of trees- it can actually here the difference between a healthy tree and one infested with larva and bugs whcih are its main food.
also native peoples of its area have many superstious about it. some think its brings good luck- others are so afraid of its bad luck they actually move their whole village if they see one.

jynxkat said...

thats "hear"- i'm still sleepy :P

Chrissie said...

I think this falls under the"cute but ugly" category. I want one.

Nonexistant Black Feather said...

looks like a Jim Henson creature