Sep 3, 2007

Fear Come to Life

I've made a very grave mistake in letting my readers know about my arachnophobia. I'm getting deluged with photos and links of my nemesis--you are all so cruel. But, given my duties here, I must share them with you.

Jade sent me this
link. The photo below is of a massive web found in Wills Point, Texas. Experts are debating the facts, but it seems as though this web might be made and maintained by a community of spiders - a communal web. The end result? My ultimate fear come to life: spiders acting in concert to create a web big enough to catch me. Any desire I had to revisit the Lone Star State has just shriveled and died like the mosquitoes caught in this web.

Photo source:


Jade said...

At least there are less mosquitoes.

Once the spiders start working together, mankind is doomed ;)

KimberlyDi said...

This is right by a lake that I like to fish on. Totally creepy.

Anonymous said...

What the HELL?!
That's freaking SCARY!

Nonexistant Black Feather said...

communal spiders are neat. granted, I know next to nothing about them. I just know that they exist, somewhere.