Aug 21, 2007

French Bug

Imagine: you are lounging in a hammock, enjoying the sweet environs of Southern France. All is well--until you glance at the support line for your hammock and see this beetle watching you.

All right, I know that's not very dramatic. But still, Lee Ann, who endured this very event, would like to know what kind of bug this is. Please note the whacky antennae (click on the image for a bigger size). Anyone care to ID this French insect? Anyone care to rule ou the possibility that she was being monitored by the latest Interpol camera bot?

Thanks for the photo, Lee Ann.


Chrissie said...

I'm pretty sure this is a Polyphylla petiti. It's more commonly called a "ten-line beetle". Same antennae.

Anonymous said...

Polyphylla decemlineata

Nebulous Grey said...

That thing is the coolest thing I've seen all week.
I want one.
Hell of a pet, no?
And name it something like a dog, so everyone's like "Aww" and then you bust this thing out and they run screaming.
Heh heh heh. *schemes*

jenjen said...

Wow, what a fantastic bug!!!!! That's gotta have some pretty fancy circuitry to process the input from all that antennage.

amandacheryl said...

ur all wrong...definately INTERPOL camera bot...w/o a doubt.

jynxkat said...

wow- i think this scores pretty low on the ugly scale- probably less ugly than some of the fuzzy mammals i see here. i wouldn't mind hanging out with this guy. i bet he hisses if you poke him though.

pkeli said...

I agree with jynxkat. This guy looks like a brooch I'd want to wear. But now I also want to poke him...

Lee Ann said...

He was sleepy, so we definitely DID poke him and move him around. I have a nice pic of the lil' guy crawling on my boyfriends neck. Though not quite the ugliest, you have to admit he's very weird.
Lee Ann

Anonymous said...

I found a beetle that looks more like the one here than the ten-lined beetle -- if you go by the coloration on the beetle's back plates:

Variegated June Beetle - Polyphylla variolosa - male

I found it here:

They all seem to be in the Polyphylla genus, so at least there's a family resemblence.

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