Aug 12, 2007

Facing My Fears

I think somewhere deep inside, real deep, I fear that I will look like a proboscis monkey when I grow old: hairy, gangly, round-bellied, thick-browed, and with an obtrusive nose. I post this picture with the intent of facing my fears. It's not very cathartic.

Thanks for the link, anonymous commenter.

Photo source: Tata & Emma


Sophie's Human said...

He looks like Ally Oop, dontcha think?

MS said...

What a wonderful looking animal! Straight out of Dr. Suess.

bats :[ said...

With his greyish fur, I wonder if this is a distinguished older gentleman simian.
Or just one of those old monkey coots: "Ya damn kids -- get outa my tree!)

pkeli said...

I have seen quite a few humans who look like this guy. I'll start saying hello to them in case one of them is you, Wombat...

Anonymous said...

The Malay name of this monkey is "Orang Belanda " which is exactly the Malay name for the Dutch people ( Orang = People + Belanda = the Netherlands ).

Why ? Maybe the blonde hair.

On a different note, the Malay term " Orangutan " means Jungle People. Yup, you guessed it - Orang = People + (H)utan = Jungle / Forest.