Aug 27, 2007

Coffee Fiends

It's a little known fact that banana slugs are coffee fiends. Rick encountered them trying to sneak drinks from his thermos three days in a row. Here is culprit # 3, who was satisfied with licking the dried coffee on the lip of the lid.

I can only assume that once Starbucks catches wind of this they'll begin an intensive study of the banana slug to see exactly what causes such cravings, and then have that chemical added to our drinking water. If in a few months you find yourself upping your coffee consumption and secreting a protective slime coat, then you'll know I'm right.

Thanks, Rick. Not everyone has the presence of mind to take a picture of the slugs drinking their coffee.


bats said...

First we get them used to beer...then we start serving the salted peanuts, and all our garden problems will be solved!

Nebulous Grey said...

That thing's huge!

bats said...

Erk...I swear I read "coffee," and then, I guess, just automatically thought "beer." Hmmm.
Unfortunately, my cunning plan to keep the slug population in check stumbles, since I can't think of a really appropriate salty snack to go with coffee....curses! Score another one for the slugs!

Kritter said...

Slugs--they're not just for breakfast anymore!

WiccanWolf said...

Slimy yet...satisfied.


Nonexistant Black Feather said...

I love banana slugs! I was doing an internship in the old growth forests of Oregon, and while we were looking for spotted owls, they were everywhere. We actually got quite attached to them and thought they were cute, because they have "faces" (you can see their eyestalks!), unlike most of the invasive slimeballs I've ever seen in my garden. I liked to count and see how many we could find in a day. I saw a few mating one time. We also identified a few other molluscs, including a dromedary jumping slug. So cool!