Mar 30, 2007

You Are What You Eat

Jen went on a quest at the Memphis Zoo: to capture an image of an animal worthy of Ugly Overload. And she succeeded.

Behold her Abyssinian Ground Hornbill. These birds are native to Subsaharan Africa, and dine on lizards, snakes, spiders, amphibians, and insects. Well, birdy, what do you expect to look like with a diet like that. Come on!

Thanks for the photo, Jen. May your future quests be as fruitful.

Wanna see some cooky eyeball action and a Abyssinian Ground Hornbill sneeze? Then check it out...


ScaredOfGars said...

Yay for the Hornbill! He's my new favorite animal at the zoo, partly because I feel sorry for him. He's interesting looking, but I don't think he gets a lot of love. He's in an enclosure with a couple of gazelle type animals (I can't remember exactly what they are) and he always looks kinda bored and lonely. I've been thinking about "adopting" an animal at the zoo and if I do, it'll be him.

~ Jen

Anonymous said...

I just went to the Denver zoo and saw these ground hornbills harassing some sort of antelope thing. They kept circling him, and then would peck at his legs. Ugly AND bad tempered! Double Whammy!