Mar 22, 2007


We've had a streak of cephalopods here, haven't we? That just speaks very well of our head-foot friends.

Abigail sent me this article from Pharyngula. It speaks of the tremoctopus. The tremoctopus, also known as the blanket octopus, has an amazing defense mechanism. If attacked, the octopus spreads its webbing behind it. This webbing breaks apart rather easily, which then gets entangled with the would-be predator. The webbing grows back much like some lizards' tails.

I could use some webbing like that myself. Then I could be a blanket wombat. All muggers, pickpockets, and bullies would end up with a faceful of my webbing instead.

Thanks for the link, Abigail. I would never have known of this beastie if it weren't for you!

Photo source:

Or watch this video to see the defense mechanism in action.


Jade said...

That is amazingly beautiful, to me.

Swintah said...

Yay, I'm so glad you enjoyed my cephalopod find! When I first saw it, I thought of you, Wombat.

Jade: Methinks your take on beauty is... unconventional. ;) I wish you a spidery day!

Arachnophile said...

YAY! Tremoctopus!! We can never have too many cheph. posts. :D I love that video. The look on those people's faces iwhen the cape begins to unfurl is priceless. The final scene of the tremocto so makes me think think, "Super-cheph." ;)

Denita TwoDragons said...

The latest line of Transformers: Octo-Bots!


Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Jade.... it's strangely graceful and beautiful. Certainly not ugly!

But then I'm twisted...


Anonymous said...

That is actually very beautiful. That picture doesn't do it any justice and I'm glad you posted the video.

Rorymc said...

OMG! I, I umm... don't know what to say...hmm...?