Mar 14, 2007

Thanks, Mother Nature

Check out the Amazonian Horned Frog (ceratophrys cornuta). These hunters are nocturnal, coming out only at night so it can bury itself in the leaves and wait to strike out at any tasty, unfortunate morsels that may come across its path.

I find it to be a particular kindness that mother nature has shown us humans in making frogs like this nice and diminutive. Can you imagine if they were elephant-sized and willing to feast on people? Yes, count your blessings, my friends.

Thanks for the link, Rasmus. Our amphibication is becoming ever more complete.

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Arachnophile said...

Awwhh, has our poor amphibian friend not gotten any posts? This would make this a mercy-post.

I've heard of a toad that tried to eat a largish kitten... I wouldn't put it past this guy. ;)

Anonymous said...

Lol, "elephant sized and willing to feast on humans."
Yep, sure am glad they're smaller than us.