Jul 1, 2010

Ugly Stars

When I think about starfish, I imagine pretty little things. They even come in nice decorative colors:
(From Flickr user nugunslinger)

Not much fodder there for lovers of the ugly, you'd think. But as we've seen previously with the slime star, not all starfish are so disappointing. And I was pleased to discover that the situation is even better for their relatives the brittle stars. Check out these guys: spiny, mushy-looking, bumpy, stringy and not quite symmetrical, they've really got it all:

What's even more encouraging is that these species were only discovered a few years ago.

Imagine that: not only haven't we blogged about all the ugly in nature, there's probably still more out there that hasn't even been discovered yet! If that's not a thought to get you through till the weekend, I don't know what is.

Cheering you on,


Sabina E. said...

these are very beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, many of these uglies are now threatened by our ugly oil spill.

Anonymous said...

These critters are great. Its like Sponge Bob meets Circ de Sole. : D

Sherry at SofN

Anonymous said...

The first picture looks totally like a bowl of Froot Loops.

April Lorier, Nature Girl said...

Thank you, Wombat. Now I can truly make it through the loooong weekend!

jenjen said...

ugh, looks like something not quite fully digested.