Jun 26, 2010

World's Ugliest Dog Contest 2010

Even as a lover of the ugly, the winner of this year's World's Ugliest Dog contest in California gives me pause.

Princess Abby Francis, thought to be a Chihuahua mix, is ugly all over, from her permanently closed eye to her strangely curved back to her deformed legs.

The good news for some of us is that it's not another Chinese Crested, the breed that has dominated in the past ten years. Last year, their streak was interrupted by a boxer called Pabst with a unique underbite:

Pabst's victory gave me hope. As a pug owner, I follow this contest closely: surely, one year victory will be ours! As the statement of one pug contestant, Grovie, said:

He feels that the pugs need to continue to be represented in this event. Also he feels his smooshed in mug, layers of deep facial wrinkles filled with gook, crooked teeth and unusual bow legged stature can qualify him for an ugly look worthy for entering this competition.

Look at this guy! If he's not a contender, I don't know what is! We were robbed!

What is sadder, though, is that there are some spoilsports who think it's wrong to celebrate an animal for being ugly, but we here at Ugly Overload know better. And so do many others, fortunately - it was world news when previous winner Miss Ellie (another Chinese crested) died in June.

Enjoy your year, Princess Abby. We're pleased you're keeping those Chinese Cresteds in their place. But the pugs will be back and we won't give up!

-Your humble servant,

UPDATE: Great photo of one of the other pugs here.


*mary* said...

I am also glad it wasn't a Chinese Crested! Haha. My poor Crested was getting a complex. They CAN be cute, you know! :)

Arachnophile said...

I LOVE this contest! Most of these dogs have been rescued and loved despite their aesthetic short-comings. :)


I do think that SAM will always be the king on the ugly dogs. I hope he's enjoying doggy-heaven. :)

April Lorier said...

This year's winner *deserved* to win! Oh my goodness! I am not fond of chihuahuas, anyway, but looking at this dog makes me wonder WHAT he was crossed with?

Fortunately, my Shih Tzu will never make the list. She's the cutest dog on earth - and I'm being totally neutral here... :-D

wombat said...
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