Jul 30, 2010

Have a devilishly ugly weekend

Our friend Uroplatus phantasticus hopes you're having a fantastic Friday. His friends know him as the Satanic leaf-tail gecko, and you can see a great photo of him doing his leaf-imitating thing here.

(That article says that the common name for this species comes from the tiny horn-shaped projections on the head, but you can't really see those on this specimen. Personally I think it's more about that look in his eye.)



April Lorier said...

You enjoyed this post, didn't you? So did I. Don't think I'll be buying one as a pet! :-D

thanh n said...

If I could blend in to look like a leaf and be as skinny as this gecko, man o man life would be grand. Pretty amazing looking I gotta say

Anonymous said...

They are pretty awe-inspiring when the open their mouths and suddenly hiss at you. Great post.

Glenn Raymond said...

This is a great blog. I love it. They may be ugly, but critters often make the best people.

Anonymous said...

That isn't a satanic... it's a mossy! Uroplatus sikorae! I realize this is years late >_>