Jun 3, 2009

Dangling Apple Eater

Photo by David Fletcher
The fruit bat's face when combined with the wholesome image of nibbling on an apple borders on charming. But then you look at that wing, it's claw, and the claw holding the fruit, and it all changes.

I spent way too much time staring at this photo trying to sort it out. The bat's hands are its wings, so I was trying to figure out how in the world it has a free hand to grasp the apple. Then I thought, hey, it doesn't have any free hands, since it doesn't have hands at all! And this is where I get really brilliant (been sleep deprived lately)...then I thought, hey, that's its foot! An apple-clutching foot. The other foot must be bearing the weight of the bat on its own. Again, seeing it dangling by one foot while it ate an apple could be cute. But it's a bat.


niner said...

I love the wing. So dragon-esque. The face is cute too.

The Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls said...

Again with the bats. I love them. This ones fuzzy face makes me want to cuddle it, but alas... the claws!!