Jun 2, 2009

Culinary Delights

I think I keep doing food posts as a means on curbing my own appetite. It would've helped today, but I've already had a double cheeseburger for lunch. No fries, though. Perhaps these grasshoppers, spotted in a Saudi Arabian market would have fulfilled my snack cravings, if properly salted.

Photo by Vit Hassan

As for these last two photos, both taken in Lang Sơn, Vietnam, I can justify eels, since I've had eel fillets (though never in a bucket of froth). But wasps? What happens to the stinger? Does the poison become inert after a time? Are they plucked out in advance of eating? Do you hold the wasp by the stinger, then munch on the rest, like when you hold onto a shrimp's tail? So much to learn!


Robin said...

Wow they're so small! Are they really eels?

The Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls said...

These look like worms. Maybe they are headed for a "How to eat fried worms" convention. I have eaten fried cicada, so.. I guess I would try anything else at least once.

thedancingemu said...

Grasshoppers are pretty yummy if you can pull the guts out. They're crunchy and they kinda taste like some sort of seafood. Crickets are yucky though :<