Jun 7, 2009

Tools and Adaptation

Like the superhero inspired by this creature, this bat has a variety of tools at its disposal. It's got the ears, jaws, brain pan, and nasal array for transmitting and receiving echolocation signals, the wings for flapping about, claws, etc. It's also got another tool of which most bats can't boast: suction cups on their thumbs and hind feet. How handy (literally).

The suction cups (adhesive organs) with which the sucker-footed bat (Myzopoda aurita) is endowed allows it to perch on and scale up a wide variety of otherwise treacherous vertical surfaces. Though most of the endemic wildlife of Madagascar is under threat (with only 8% of its original forest left intact), this particular bat is of least concern, since it has adapted itself well to urban and suburban living.

Tools and adaptation at work, people. Batman would be so proud.

Thanks, Jelo.


Unknown said...

I love the last photo. Look at those ears.

Denita TwoDragons said...

The petite upturned snout makes me go all "squee!" :-)
You're slippin', Wombat--that things adorabibble! (Or maybe it's just because I love bats...)