May 24, 2009

Turtle Cuddling

I'm in turtle mode today, ever since I got word this morning that our Russian tortoise escaped his enclosure, and then our backyard, only to be picked up by an early morning jogger just as the tortoise was about to climb out onto the street. Jack the Tortoise has been returned to us in one piece, much to my daughters' delight, but that was too close for comfort. So, just a reminder: make sure you've got the proper set up for your pets, whatever they may be. And don't underestimate the agility and ingenuity of a tortoise.

Back to uglies...

...and turtles.

Turtles, which will come as no surprise to anyone accustomed to the sight of red-eared sliders hanging out with each other while basking on a log, enjoy each other's company (for the most part). Touch plays a role in turtle happiness. That truth can play itself out across species boundaries sometimes, too.

Here we have a terrapin fulfilling the role of a basking rock for a juvenile snapping turtle. See? Fuzzy animals don't have a monopoly on cuddling. Wait, this has stumbled across the border from ugly to cute. Sorry about that. Maybe it's this need I'm feeling right now to go home and snuggle with my tortoise. But then I'd have to change my clothes after Jack squirted me with his wonderful blend of feces and urea. Never mind. Cuddly feelings gone.

Thanks for the photo, Morgan.


Vanessa said...

Turtles and tortoises always get a bad rep. People think they are boring 'pet rock' type creatures when nothing could be further from the truth.
My sister has a RES, and she is so personable and friendly. Plus, she loves the cats (I think that might be a bit of fur envy).
Good to hear that Jack is back safely.

Anonymous said...

I love turtles and tortoises! My indian star tortoise loves climb onto my lap for a cuddle, which usually ends up with him all limbs stretched out and sleeping like a baby!

niner said...

I'm glad Jack is back home and safe! We bought some little clamps for our aquarium at That Fish Place, That Pet Place the first time our snake escaped. They work perfectly and look better than huge stacks of books.

Turtles/Torts are a pleasure to watch. I think they're quite active and you can always pick it up and snuggle.

ChicChickory said...

Too cute...why is this on Ugly Overload? I should send you a pic of the baby snapper I came across one day when hiking. Adorable, I say!

Unknown said...

I had a turtle named "guy" when I was growing up. It got loose one summer and ran away. The next summer he showed back up at our back door. I know because he had a scar on his back when he left and still had it when he returned. I loved just watching him explore the yard and wander through the grass on lazy afternoons. This is a cute photo! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I have three RES hatchlings and they are they are very cuddly with each other. AS i speak two of them are dozed off together on the basking area i have for them and the other is slowly doing laps around the tank. And sometimes my female will climb on the cuttlefish bone i have in the tank for them and ride it around like a surf board! its very amusing ! I LOVE my turtles!