May 2, 2009

Get Your ZZZs

I never get to post on zebras, so here'z my chance. Thank you, lippy zebra.

You know about their ztripes (white base, black stripez, in case you were wondering). You know how they've never taken to domeztication (they're unpredictable and prone to attacking humanz).

But did you know that there are three speciez of zebra: mountain, Grevy's, and plainz? The first two zpecies are endangered. Did you know that the word 'zebra' comes from the Old Portuguese word 'zevra', meaning 'wild ass?'

In the wild, the three zpecies, even when sharing territory, don't interbreed. In captivity they zometimes do, and they've been crozzed with other equinez, called zebroids. That's how you end up with zeedonks, zonies, and zorses.

Now you know a bit more about zebras. Zee you tomorrow.


April Lorier said...

Very funny! Just one queztion: How can you prove they are white bazed with black ztripez? I've pondered this zince childhood.

Anonymous said...

Zebras are black with white stripes. If you examine them as fetuses, they start out as an all black animal. As they develop, white spots form on their coat, which gradually grow together to form the white stripes.

You can also see that the stripes are white by looking at photos of the extinct quagga, which was a type of zebra that was only partially striped. Its forequarters and head had white and brown stripes, while the back of it's body was a uniform brown color.

Neil said...

Flehmen response!

Anonymous said...

The Okapi is another striped animal from Africa. It is related to the giraffe and is found in the Congo.

The Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls said...

Did you know that the no 2 zebra stripe patterns are the same. They are like human finger prints. Also, the stripe patterns are different on each side of the same zebra!! Yes, I watch Animal Planet too much!