Apr 14, 2009

Ocean Rivalries

AskMen.com has just done a top 10 line up of ocean rivalries, complete with footage from National Geographic. Ever wondered what would happen if a Portuguese man-o-war crossed tentacles with a sea turtle? How about a mantis shrimp versus a hermit crab? Well, now you can find out. Don't worry; each of these rivalries is naturally occurring, and the fights weren't staged.

Here's one such encounter: a dogfin shark meeting a pacific octopus. Watch as the blank defeats the blank.


hydrolagus said...

Good video, lousy commentary. The GPO outmasses the dogfish, has more range, and feels threatened. The dogfish is well-fed and not accustomed to going after adult GPOs--maybe young ones or little red octopus. They're small sharks--I can pick them up one-handed. Also, the Aquarium (which is the one I work at) would not intentionally put two animals together that they thought would be antagonistic. They were pretty horrified at finding torn-apart shark corpses on the bottom. *grump*

Raging Wombat said...

Thanks, hydrolagus. I didn't know any of that. Makes a lot of sense.

Vanessa said...

Poor shark. I do love octopi, though. They are so intelligent, that if they lived longer they would be the ones studying us.
Gorgeous too.

Pablo said...

tiny shark against a giant, very intelligent octopus. Doesn't seem like a fair matchup.