Apr 3, 2009

Tongues Galore

It's my belief that when it comes to tongues, ungulates get short shrift. Why do snakes and canines get all the attention? Bison, buffaloes, cows, giraffes, all of them have enormous, very useful tongues. Tongues they seem to be proud of. And here's proof.

These tongues can even be instruments of inter-species cooperation, goodwill, and hygiene, as seen in the last photo.

Photo source: Cindy Fike

Photo soure: Jerry Ray

Photo source: Solange Moreira-Yeoell

Photo source: Tolis Flioukas

Photo source: Celia

Photo source: Sarah Teale


Anonymous said...

What? No Gene Simmons?

James said...

How could you leave out the Okapi? Its tongue is a foot long and, according to Wikipedia, it's "the only mammal that can lick its own ears."

Vanessa said...

I wonder how far down that tongue goes into that zebras ear?
I could use that treatment the odd time too. In my ear. :D
The bison picture is my favourite.

SnapandPrint said...

Animla tounges never cease to crack me up and make me smile. Great post!

Peter M said...

Brings back memories. I once had a Giraf licking my hand, and most of my lower arm, in the zoo.
What a strange feeling.

hydrolagus said...

Does J. Jacques read Ugly Overload?
Could be...