Apr 24, 2009

Vulture Restaurant

What more can you want of me than this photo? It's got it all. A gaggle of marabou storks, and a flock of griffon vultures. Looks like there might even be a hooded vulture or two in there. Oh, and a carcass.

This shot was taken at Kruger National Park. Seems like the park officials there have set up vulture restaurants, where the keepers layout carcasses for the vultures, so as to provide a sanctuary for them. I wonder what kind of tippers vultures are.

Photo by Jacques S Gerber


Anonymous said...

They tip you with lots of fertilizer :)

Aren't they nice?

Angela said...

My 4 year old twins wanted to know what the ugly chickens were doing.

Anonymous said...

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niner said...

Yay vulture sanctuary!

morgan said...

"UglyCon 2009 was a blast! We're sorry you missed it, but we hope to see you in 2010."