Sep 28, 2008

Without a Proper Macro Lens

This is what linty was able to pull off even without what he calls a 'proper macro lens'. You photographers and your uppitiness (new word alert). I couldn't take these kind of photos even with a proper macro lens.

While I sit here and get over my bitterness, enjoy these photos of a fly, grub, spider, and ambush bug.

Thanks, linty. My feeling of inadequacy just grew a bit.


Anonymous said...

Does "without a proper macro lens" mean that you get close enough for these things to jump up on the camera, run up and bite your face??

Nice pictures though. Except for the spider.

Raging Wombat said...

That's what it means to me.

Anonymous said...

I'm with niner... taking those without a macro lens means I'm inside easy jumping/chomping/run-away-flailing-hands-about distance! (Great shots!)

Anonymous said...

I definitely got a bad case of the icks.

Anonymous said...

hehe yeah, "without a proper macro lens" means the camera is about 2 inches away from the little beasts.

It definitely makes me understand why some people prefer to photograph babies and flowers.

Thanks for posting these wombat, I feel famous now.

Anonymous said...

The spider is way too "up close and personal".
I won't be sleeping well tonight.