Sep 15, 2008

Death in a Cemetery

Paul is a photographer down in Jacksonville, FL, US. While plying at his trade in a cemetery, he saw this scene of death play itself out.

You're looking at a 3" fly with a grasshopper in its clutches. This fly, which I think is a variety of robberfly, was able to fly with its kill in its maw and land on this tombstone. To butcher one of my favorite Groucho Marx quotes: "Time flies like an arrow. Robber flies like a grasshopper."

Thanks, Paul.


Anonymous said...

Ew. I wouldn't want that landing on my picnic.

jynxkat said...

one of these was sitting on the rail of our porch when pizza was being delivered- i asked the pizza guy if he knew what it was and he shrugged and poked it with his finger O_o
brave or stupid- i dunno :D

Anonymous said...

Eek! I realize "circle of life", animals need to eat, etc. but still sad for Mr. Grasshopper. That fly looks HUGE.

Dr Girlfriend Costumes and Couture said...

Have we entered The Mist? How the hell can a fly get that big??! Remind me never to go to Florida.

Unknown said...

You know, I'm not usually wigged out by large insects but I think if that thing landed by me I'd run screaming. I mean, I'm not afraid of dragonflies, which do get larger, and I've seen large black wasps around here that I'd back away slowly from... but THAT is a whole 'nother thing, truly.