Sep 23, 2008

Beware, Little Puppy

Abby is a shiba inu mix. Now, the shiba inu is an attractive breed, with a rich heritage. They are the smallest of the native Japanese breeds and were bred to hunt small game, boar, and bear. Shiba is Japanese for 'brushwood', the dog's traditional hunting grounds, and inu means 'dog'. Ergo, the brushwood dog.

The shiba inu is loyal to those who have earned its respect, but reserved at best with strangers. Such is the case with Abby here. She's just fine with Danielle (thanks for the photo, Danielle), and her owner, but she hates strangers and other dogs. This is 13-year-old Abby reacting to Danielle's puppy, who is five feet away. Beware, little puppy, of Abby when she is in her anger. 13-year-old teeth bit just as deep as fresh ones.


Anonymous said...

ahhhhhh hahahahaha

Sadly, I can never show my friend this post as funny as it is, because she would kill me,

Wonderful, just wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Just like Momma always said, a bad attitude can make anyone ugly.

Kathy said...

omg, saw the photo before the wording and new it was a shiba. looks just like my baby. tho she has not shown that much teeth.

Anonymous said...

My Shiba, Roxie,shows her teeth when she's happy or excited. When I come home she's smiling a big wide one !I absolutely love this sweet baby girl!!!