Sep 21, 2008

Sand Diver Lizard Fish

Can you go wrong on this blog with a fish named the Sand Diver Lizard Fish? Can you go wrong with an ambush predator who lurks beneath the sand with only its eyes showing? No and no. Synodus intermedius is common in the Western Atlantic and Southeast Asia, though it is most common among the sand bars of the West Indies.

These fish are also sometimes kept in aquariums, which is why Rasmus (master ichthyologist) found it on Practical Fish Keeping, where they did an article on 10 hideously ugly fish. Though you wouldn't want to step on one, you shouldn't worry about any danger from this fish. That is, unless you're a crustacean or small fish, in which case you probably need to logoff and get back in the water, sand diver lizard fish or no sand diver lizard fish.

Though I complained a couple of days ago about the naming of the False Killer Whale, I approve of this creature's name. It also belongs to the order of Aulopiformes, meaning 'grinners'. That makes this fish a bit more charming. A bit.

Thanks, Rasmus.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if there is a "False Sand Diver Lizard Fish" somewhere in the world.

Raging Wombat said...

If there is, don't tell it. It will only make the false one mad.

Anonymous said...

there is a fish called malawi eye biter its pretty cool but not really ugly

Term Papers said...

Well this post introduced new fish to me. I never saw and heard about it.

Anonymous said...

when i was snorkeling in jamaica as a kid, i saw this fish. it was on the sea floor, with its head up at a 45 degree angle and a face like an iguana. i asked the tour guide what it was, describing it as above, and he replied "lizard fish". thought he was just making that up because i said it looked like an iguana.