Aug 26, 2008

New Goliath

I've been a big fan of groupers ever since I got to interact with one while scuba diving down in Baja California, Mexico. They are big lumbering fish who seem not to have a care in the world (the fish I saw later left the sanctuary and got speared and eaten, so their laid back attitude may need some adjusting).

LiveScience is reporting the discovery of a new species of grouper. Or rather, they're reporting that the well known Goliath Grouper comes in two varieties, where only one was thought to exist. The Pacific and Atlantic Goliaths were assumed to be the same species since they are identical to the naked eye. But recent DNA testing has proven otherwise. See what happens when you assume, people?

BTW, this fish gets to be 1,000 lbs, and has five rows of teeth in it's lower jaw. If you see one while diving, you'd be wise to approach with a bit of caution, though they do seem to be peaceful. In the end, I just don't trust so-called peaceful sea creatures. Maybe I've read too much about ambush predators.

Thanks for the article, Ida.

Photo source: Rachel Graham via via MSNBC


Anonymous said...

Ok, I KNOW groupers are pig fish. They pretty much will eat anything that can fit into their mouths... and I hate to tell that person... but he FITS INTO IT'S MOUTH. That's a good way to lose an arm.
Still... it has spines! It's like a dinosaur fish! Awesome.

Anonymous said...

I love the spines! But don't think I would trust anything where I could fit into it's mouth.

It's best to watch these things through TV or on the internet.

Anonymous said...

Some people think Jonah was swallowed and regurgitated in Ninevah by a grouper instead of a whale. Because that makes more sense.

Unknown said...

I can atest to the size, i have seen two in the Barrier reef in southern Belize