Aug 4, 2008

Centipede Dining

It's time for some more photos from the illustrious Igor Siwanowicz. Here are a few he took of Scolopendra cingulata, aka the Megarian Banded Centipede.

Though this species is one of the smaller of the otherwise oversized scolopendrids (this centipede gets to be 10-15 cm), and their venom isn't quite as toxic as that of their bigger brothers, they are still known to be very fast and aggressive.

Of course, being smaller and less toxic was of little consolation to the grasshopper.

The megarian banded centipede is native to the region surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. So, if you're a grasshopper or some other form of centipede prey (or a scaredy cat like me), you'll want to avoid dark, damp environments like beneath logs and in leaf piles. Thankfully, I tend to stay away from those places anyway.

Thanks for the photos, Igor.


Anonymous said...

Igor takes such beautiful pictures. Wonder how he got into the insect/bug specialty. I love his mantis photos best.

Jade said...

Absolutely beautiful! Makes me want a better camera ;)

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are stunning and the scolopendrids are cute :3

dining table said...

I can't believe that you capture those amazing images. You have made a good job. Those are stunning pictures. The pictures are so incredible.