Aug 5, 2008

More Hagfish

It's time for another hagfish post. How can you get too much of a deep water fish that can flourish in the shallows, eats their prey (dead or alive) from the inside out, can go for months between feedings, produces gobs of slime (which can be baked with in place of egg whites), and, of course, is called the hagfish?

You can get too much. And that's what you're here for: one more opportunity to lose your last meal (or at least not want to partake of your next).

Thanks for the photos, vaguegirl.


Anonymous said...

GAH! You lousy hagfish! Stop being so disgusting! Use a friggin kleenex!

Anonymous said...

Ewww!!!!! NEAT!! Wonder if the slime has any medicinal properties or is really strong or if it's just...ooze.

Unknown said...

I'll never forget the first time I saw a hagfish in person. The person showing me reached into the tank and grabbed the freshly-caught wild hagfish, which instantly and completely gelled the entire 15-gallon tank of seawater into mucus.

Amazing stuff, that protein matrix.