Mar 8, 2008

Portuguese Delicacy

It's lamprey time. These fishy parasites are considered a delicacy in Portugal, and fisherman can't snag enough from the freshwater rivers of that country. Check out that array of teeth and imagine what it would be like to be host to one of these monsters. Now imagine eating one, perhaps buttered and pan roasted. I'm honestly torn on this one.

Photo source: REUTERS/Jose Manuel Ribeiro via Yahoo! News


Anonymous said...

I have a mortal fear of lamprey. Ever since X-files showed 'lamprey man' and then the internet spawned MANY lamprey photo manipulations... Lamprey make me cry in terror and hide in corners.

Denita TwoDragons said...

If I end up having creepy Japanese animation tentacle-romance nightmares, it'll be all your fault!

*lurches off to drink myself into a blissfully dreamless sleep...*


Anonymous said...

picturing one of those latched on to my back gives me the jibblies.

Anonymous said...

rofl denita

Anywho... it just amazes me the things people consider delicacies.
I'm sorry but people are idiots! We're not meant to eat everything we can get our hands on and creepy lamprey's are ones we shouldn't be munchin on.. yuck.

Unknown said...

we could use that as a strategy in the Great Lakes. yum.

Anonymous said...

my family purchases these every time we visit portugal! I've never seen the head on my plate though, the meat is very fatty and tender - if you have ever had eel the taste is very similar =)

happy eating