Mar 15, 2008

Air Croc

I'ts time for another round of leaping crocodiles (and alligators?).

In a related story, wildlife officials in West Bengal, India, have been releasing captive bred, endangered crocodiles into their native mangrove forests. But these aren't your average crocs; they've been specially trained to attack poachers and boats.

The program is working. Poachers are much more leary of entering the croc-guarded mangrove forests, and villagers aren't as eager to cut down the mangroves for fuel. Crocodile attacks are on the rise.

I understand the need for aggressive programs to protect animals that are under threat of extinction because of humanity. But if you add in a splash of genetic engineering, you have the makings of the next Michael Crichton novel.

I'm not sure how the third photo made its way into my post. Probably just wishful thinking.

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LisaL said...

You know what, more power to the people training the crocs to attack the people that would do them and the land harm. I know that sounds kind of harsh, but something needs to be done, and well.. they're training nature to be a bit more aggressive about protecting itself.
So go crocs go! Bite some asses off!

Jade said...

I'm surprised that Steve-O hasn't been killed yet. He's insane, a danger to himself, and a danger to others. That said, he's hilarious. Until he does kill himself (or get arrested for killing someone else), I'll keep watching and laughing.

As for training crocs to attack humans: AWESOME! I think that was a brilliant solution to the problem at hand. Way to go! :) Let's hope the baby crocs learn the same behaviors from their parents.

Unknown said...

"I'm surprised that Steve-O hasn't been killed yet."

Um, Jade...

He WAS killed.

A couple years ago, in fact.

Suffered a terminal case of stingray.

No crocs were harmed, though.


Jade said...

Denita- Steve-O (of Jackass), *NOT* Steve Irwin (The Croc Hunter). Wow...

Laura said...

LOL, yeah. two different people, same amount of "i don't care."

Anonymous said...

Well, i don't know. When denita said steve-o died, i almost had a heart attack. he's as dumb as a rock, but pretty hot all the same. :) and he supports peta! so an extra point to steve-o.