Mar 12, 2008

Mantis Manifest

I've see a lot of mantis manifestations since beginning of this blog, but I think this is the first photo of one where I felt a bit intimidated. The wings, the arms, the alien eyes. Even though I'm bigger, stronger, smarter, and not held captive in a glass terrarium (and I'm much more handsome), I think I would still tuck my proverbial tail between my legs and scamper away if I were confronted with this.

Thanks for the photo, Ida. I now feel less of a man. That's always a pleasant experience.


Lindsay said...

Woah.... I agree. That is certainly one intimidating mantis.

On another note, are we really sure we're smarter than they are? Sometimes I'm not convinced...

Unknown said...

how big is that thing? i liked the praying mantis that hung out in my front yard... but i think that's because he never approached me in such a manner

Arachnophile said...

LOOK at that gorgeous spider-web like patturn on the lower wings! This is one impressive defense display. I wouldn't feel bad wombat, that likely works on a lot of creatures, no matter what their gender. ;p

I wish I hadn't missed commenting on "hexapus" on the front page. *le sigh* Between WOW and now managing a blog for my vocation, it's getting harder to have "fun internets timez."

Do we know what species this is? It's got to be a tropical. Jade?