Mar 3, 2008


Many people have debated for centuries whether there is room in the eight-legged world of octopuses for a six-legged individual. Well, we are about to find out.

Say hello to the world's first hexapus. His name is Henry, and he lives in the Blackpool Sealife Centre in Britain. I really hope that the other cephalopods don't gang up on Henry. What's two legs among so many?

Photo source: Yahoo!


Unknown said...

So... is he a birth (or hatch)-defected normal octopus (the cephalopod equivalent of a four-leafed clover) or some new kind of calamari?

amandacheryl said...

:( something wrong with me I only counted 6

amandacheryl said...

oh duh....maybe there really is something a matter with me.

Anonymous said...

The Sealife Centre people are assuming that he was born with only six legs. I think I agree, looking at the picture... there don't seem to be spaces where limbs are missing as would be expected if they were bitten off (or otherwise removed)

I think he's cute. ^_^