Mar 1, 2008

Family Meal Time

It would appear that family meal time is as important among red titi monkeys as it is among humans. Though, mommy and daddy would do better not to bicker over the last twig.

What I like about this photo is that Thiago, the male, is the one carrying his four-week-old son on his back. This is common among red titis. While both parents are involved in rearing the offspring, it's the male who does most of the carrying and playing.

You can find Thiago, Yara, and their son in the rainforest biome at the London Zoo.

Thanks for the photo, Ida.

Photo source: MSNBC


Anonymous said...

Hey! These guys are actually cute! Aside from the gangly hands, their soft and furry and red. Plus they even look friendly.
I have a vote for 'not-ugly', but I think most primates are cute.

Unknown said...

I agree, they are cute and apparently quite decent folk.