Mar 19, 2008


Mary the zookeeper has sent us a couple of photos from her chimpanzee enclosure.

The second photo demonstrates just how close we as humans are to our chimp cousins. Mary's boyfriend plans on getting a new comforter for his bed. So she found it quite amusing to walk by the chimp compound and find one of them playing with a comforter that is identical to her boyfriend's.

It would seem that humans can share, in addition to most of our genome, a similar fashion sense and preference in bedding with our simian friends.


Anonymous said...

"The second photo demonstrates just how close we as humans are to our chimp cousins."

Sorry, but we humans are not really "close" to chimps or any other non-humans. We only SEEM "close."

Chimps are not our "cousins." Humans have no "cousins" except other humans.

There is an almost infinite, unbridgeable gap between humans and other living beings that move from place to place -- and an even greater gap between humans and living beings that do not move around (like plants).

Only humans have immortal souls that will continue to live after their bodies have died. Moreover, only humans' bodies will rise at the end of the world -- to be reunited with their immortal souls -- for eternal glory or punishment. Why? Because only humans have free will to do right or wrong.

Raging Wombat said...

Howdy anonymous,

I use the term 'cousin' loosely, of course. Using it my way, Ted Bundy would be my cousin too, yet I deny any true familial relationship with him.

Please email me at: ragingwombat at gmail dot com.

I've a couple of questions for you.

Jack Ruttan said...

Tried a couple of wisecracks, but my mind is simply boggled, sorry.

Raging Wombat said...

That's okay Jack. Such mind blanks are my nemesis day in and day out.

Anonymous said...

... is that one of the regulars on this blog, or did you just get anti-evolution spammed?

If we're having a personal opinions share day, I'd like to voice *my* personal beliefs that:

1. all living things have a soul.


2. believing animals lack a soul makes it easier for people to dissociate from them when they mistreat, neglect, and abuse them.

Arachnophile said...

I could actually dispute that "living soul," claim theologically but I choose to not rise to the idiological bait. ;-p

All I have to say is our Chimp friends only have the blanky to SMOTHER US IN OUR SLEEP! ;-D

Unknown said...

I love our close cousins, the Chimpanzees.