Aug 1, 2007

Poor Temperament

I know camels have a reputation for being the surliest of the Camelidae family, but I fear they have unduly overshadowed the llama. I've had enough encounters with the New World camelid to know that they can be cantankerous. And I think this guy's face proves it.

Did you know that scientists have successfully crossbred camels with llamas a couple of times? It only works when the male is a Dromedary (artificial insemination is required), but since both species have 74 chromosomes, there is potential for the Cama (as the hybrid is known) to be fertile, thus spawning a new work animal (they already have half Dromedary / half Bactrians called Bukhts). But, alas, the cama inherited the 'poor temperament' of both parents. Lovely.

Thanks for the photo, Jared.


Anonymous said...

This thing just radiates 'pissy'. It's just looking for a reason to use the llama and camel spitting skills on you. Food was ten minutes late? That'll be a spittin'. Put the harness on me again? You'll get a spittin' for that too. I FEEL like it? You can sure bet that'll be a spittin'.

Yep. I'm sure of it.

Moominmama said...

i think he looks quite chilled out.

but maybe that's because he reminds me of my ex! :-)

Anonymous said...

Kinda reminds me of the obnoxious, grouchy old lady that I had to deal with at work today...