Aug 10, 2007

Bait & Blog

Zeda helped identify one of the bugs in an earlier post as a stonefly. Here is a closer look at what this beast looks like. These particular specimens were photographed in Montana, US.

These insects are of interest to fishermen when in their larval stage. They make for great bait, while the adults make for decent blog material. The main difference is that I don't intend to cook and eat my readers, unlike the fishermen. Not that fishermen intend to eat you--they want to eat fish. I don't mean to disparage fishermen. I also don't mean to imply that I intend to eat fishermen, or that fishermen are interested in stoneflies when fishermen are in a larval stage, because fishermen don't have larvae, and I'm not saying that adult fishermen make for great blog material. They can, but...ugh. I'm not so good with pronouns.

Photo source: Lynette Schimming via


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teresa said...

I couldn't get the "E-mail us" link to work, but I do have a recommendation for an ugly animal: a shoebill stork. It's a hilarious bird whose bill is so heavy that when it hunts, it simply leans forward and allows gravity and the weight of its bill to take it down to its prey. Worst of all...its prey is most often the lungfish: