Aug 5, 2007

Disparate Uglies

Here are two completely unrelated photos from Yahoo! Photos. The first one is of a king vulture, a previous guest to UgO. Just imagine that beak buried in a carcass. Lovely.

But the second one is a bit of a cheap shot. It's the rear end of an elephant. Rear ends are rarely good looking in the animal kingdom. But this one deserves particular mention.

Thanks for the photos, Banno.


Bay Views said...

You should send this to huckleberries. It would make a great photo of the day. (elephant)

Danielle Lea said...

I had the opportunity to ride on an elephant at Ren. Fest, and of course, I seized the chance. Elephants are not only huge with wrinkly skin, but it's horribly coarse and the hair is like spikes. CRAZY!