Jun 11, 2006

Steer Clear

Kim has captured the essence of the mandrill. See how he is wringing his hands? He's either busy hatching some wicked scheme, or else eagerly anticipating his next kill. Look at those eyes. He's up to something.

These old-world primates were once thought to be part of the baboon family. But no, that wasn't ugly enough. These monkeys are something more. They are now in their own genus (along with their cousin, the Drill). What you see below is a male, whose colorful face not only indicates his gender, but also that he has possibly become excited about something (perhaps that evil plot?). Whatever the reason, steer clear and be thankful you'll probably only encounter them with a fence or plexiglass between the two of you. Though they aren't typically hunters, the mandrill is
"well adapted to fighting and is not to be provoked." Ya, I figured that out. Thanks.

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