Jun 23, 2006

Huge Hog

This email was forwarded to me (thanks Melissa), and www.snopes.com verified the following details:

"We verified the details with Larry Earley himself, who told us:

"I shot a log boar hog on August 27, 2004. The pictures you have were taken on my property close to where the hog was shot. I have many more photos. I do not know the origin of the story on the Internet. It did not come from me. Half of the details are accurate. I shot the hog once with a .44 magnum (the one in the photo). The hog charged towards me after he was shot but he only covered about 20 feet of ground. I was 10 yards away when I shot, and I was backing up while keeping the crosshairs on the hog as he was moving towards me. That is typical with wild hogs, that is what makes them fun to hunt.

The hog was too big for scales that were available to me on a Friday evening (500 lb. scales), so we decided to let the processor estimate the weight for us. Smokin' Oak Sausage Co. in Branford, F,L did the processing for me and he put the weight between 1100 and 1200 lbs. The tusk on the right side was 8-1/4" above the gum line and the right tusk was broken and measured 5" above the gum. The hide with the head was weighed at 284 lbs. The taxidermist I am using measured the neck at 42" around and the length from his eye socket to the tip of his nose at 11-3/4". I just found out about the story on the internet yesterday. I think that it is hilarious that all of this has been going on. I'll be glad to talk to anyone about my hog."

Yikes, this is one huge pig. Still, all that bacon ...

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