Jun 26, 2006

Secret Identity Revealed ...

Been wondering what the answer to Thursday's quiz was? Want the secret identify revealed? Well, I have a question to ask before the big reveal: who are you, Rasmus?! You determined that the big eye belonged to an emu, and then that the blue butt belong to a mandrill. Who are you? You are the mongoose to my cobra ... or the cobra to my mongoose (I'm not so good with animals ...). Either way, you have foiled me twice - each time within minutes of posting.

Yes, the blue butt belongs to a mandrill. You can thank Clay for these photos. If you know what's good for you, you won't comment on a mandrill's butt to its face - they don't take kindly to mockery. And they are violent.


Rasmus said...

1. Biology student, Denmark.

2. I use rss feeds, that's why I react so fast.

3. I've seen quite a few mandrills in zoos.

4. I kinda cheated on the emu (the file was named "emu eye"). Could tell it was some sort of bird, though.

5. Keep up the good work!

Raging Wombat said...


Biology student = scholarly & informed
Denmark = bilingual & intelligent
rss feeds = computer & web savvy
knows his mandrills & zoos = informed & experienced
cheated on emu eye photo = things outside the box

In short, you are far more qualified to run this blog. I still don't know if this makes you an ally or my archnemesis :).

Rasmus said...

Well, between trying to finish my Master's thesis and running my own blog (in Danish), I'll leave the animal PR to you... but I will direct you to this beauty: