Mar 9, 2009

Swimming in Myanmar

Vampires the world over, be they genuine undead or wannabes who skulk around downtown cafes, have cause to celebrate. More of their kin has been discovered.

Meet Danionella dracula, a tiny fish that has recently been discovered to have long dracula-style canines (but they aren't true teeth at all). Why the long fangs (sounds like a setup to a joke...)? Well, all the better to tap a jugular. Actually, these fish are avowed non-blood drinkers. They want you to know that. Don't fear them, they're tiny. Just come for a swim in one particular stream of Myanmar (it's Bhurma, curse you!) and find out for yourself. You'll be perfectly safe. Trust them.

Thanks for the article, Rasmus.

Photo source: Ralf Britz, Natural History Museum via Practical Fishkeeping


Anonymous said...

o/~ Fangs for the memories...o/~

Cat said...

That's quite the overbite!