Mar 10, 2009

Harried & Hunted

Feeling frazzled today. My computer at work has been down for several days. IT just got it set back up (we had lots o' crashes all at once), and my boss chose this afternoon to drop by my office, just as I was leaving, to see how a couple of my projects were coming along.

I'm feeling harried, hunted. Exposed. Kinda like these wee beasties. Let's offer our sympathies to a beleaguered tarsier, a compromised cane toad, and a cornered wolf spider. We all have days like this.


niner said...

That toad is how I feel (and possibly look) this week worrying about more layoffs. On the bright side, Happy Friday!

Zanna said...

I love the look on the tarsier's face; O_o

Vanessa said...

Poor spidey!