Jan 12, 2009

Spidey and Me

The Alberta Jewel Spider is one of 25 orb-weaving spiders in Alberta, Canada. I think I've had run ins with this spider, or its cousins, while backpacking through Waterton park. One morning, every dozen or so yards the trail was draped with fresh webs. It was a testimony to my exhaustion that I couldn't summon up enough energy to turn back to base camp. Instead, I batted the webs aside and saved my arachnophobia-induced trembling for the next packs-off break.

Bone Artist has one living in her house. That's right. IN her house. The spider, which shouldn't typically be active during the winter, now has a custom enclosure in a warm corner in Bone Artist's bedroom. She feeds the spider young crickets and is enjoying watching it grow up. It's one thing to take in a rescue puppy or kitten. At least they return the affection. But to take in a rescue orb weaver? Now that's devotion. I see a movie deal in the future: "Spidey and Me."

Photo source: JMR64


Camero said...

Oh my!

LibrarianJessica said...

Toobigtoobigtoobig. At least to have as a roommate. Bone Artist, you're a braver woman than I am.

Bone Artist said...

They might look big and scary, but the population in the backyard (usually 4-8 individuals, with at least one female) has kept the local mosquito population at bay. Plus, it was kind of cool to watch a big adult female cocooning a dragonfly and then excitedly detaching it from the web to be carried off to her little hiding spot. I say "excitedly", because that's probably the largest single meal she'd ever had.

Danielle said...


Vanessa said...

I nursed a spider like that, after accidentally taking off four of its legs in the fridge door, and it is awesome. I bet she just loves having food delivered.
My tyke eventually moulted and had four new legs and I let her go.
I love when people respect and appreciate these awesome creatures.

Nervavels said...

Bone Artist, I'm totally in awe. I don't kill spiders in my house and let them have the corners (they're not populous) but I still have roomies who totally flake out and call me screaming to get rid of the spiders they find (rule anywhere I live: Don't Kill Spiders). I never thought of housing them. I'm going to run with this idea for the summer...

morgan said...

[for the fantastically appropriate Brian Eno song, not the pictures]

ZenKai said...

Oh, HELL no.