Feb 7, 2006


We at Ugly Overload embrace cultural diversity. Except in this case. This photo wasn't taken from the set of Fear Factor, it comes from a marketplace in Madagascar.

That's right. People wander from vendor to vendor, perusing the baskets of worms, looking for the most juicy, ugly, and tasty specimens for that night's dinner.

I can only hope that there is good reason for this. Who knows, maybe they are quite delicious, and taste like chicken. I'll withhold my judgment of the good people in Madagascar for now, but they better start explaining themselves.

Photo courtesy:
Shay Antebi.


Anonymous said...

you should put the monk fish in your foods section

Dark Fade said...

Who knows, they might have been of a similar species to the ones eaten on Madventures, and described simply delicious. Fried, I recall...