Feb 18, 2006

Down Under Ugly

Here we have the Tasmanian devil, the world's largest carnivorous marsupial. These nocturnal beasts are scavengers, and will eat just about anything. When it comes to eating animals, this ugly creature eats its prey (or carrion) in its entirety - bones, hair and all.

They are ill-tempered and make an awful screeching noise. Thankfully - and surprisingly - they are not endangered (thanks to steps taken to preserve this once-threatened animal), and are flourishing just fine on the island of Tasmania.

They were once found on the mainland of Australia, but it is believed that the arrival of the dingo, some 600 years ago, killed them off - relegating them to only the island. In the wholesome spirit of vengeance, I will try to find an ugly photo of a dingo, to vindicate the devil. That will be no small task, as the dingo is a naturally handsome animal. It is worth a try, though. Your help would be appreciated, though.

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