Feb 17, 2006


The goliath bird-eating spider demands a special, multiple image post. Partly because I suffer from arachnophobia, but mostly because it is the largest, ugliest spider on the planet. Remember those old, long-play vinyl records? One of these abominations can grip the edge of one with all eight legs - that's how large they are. In fact, they hold the Guiness Record for the the world's largest spider.

These spiders are denizens of Brazil and several other northern South American countries. Can you imagine walking down the street and seeing
one of these approaching you on the sidewalk?

In case you were wondering, they do in fact eat spiders. To repeat, they are that large. These fangs should be proof enough - and this one isn't even close to being full grown.

Next, imagine you go to sleep one night in your peaceful Brazilian home. You aren't afraid - you haven't had a neighbor get eaten by a jaguar in over a week. And those goliath bird-eaters? Well, they aren't really dangerous to people. But then you wake up in the middle of the night. You feel a weight on your chest. You open you eyes, and see this face.
That is when you die. Not very dangerous to people? What about heart attacks and dying of fright? If David had to face this Goliath, I am not sure the confrontation would have turned out so well for the young prince.

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