Apr 25, 2011

Ugh, monday

If you thought the birds in the last post were having a bad hair day, check out this Phillipine eagle. At least those vultures looked like they'd just rolled out of bed, giving them an excuse. This guy looks like he's worked at it, and this is still the best he could do.

This species is reportedly one of the most critically endangered in the world, but I am also a little worried about this particular specimen. A resident of a conservation center, he's been given the name Binay, because he's been "adopted" by the Phillipine vice president Jejomar Binay.

You'd think this would give him a leg up in life, but a little research revealed that the last vice president also adopted an eagle.... which died. But maybe the new VP can at least get this guy a hairdresser before it's too late?

Thanks to the Telegraph's Pictures of the Day.


piano Lessons Mississauga said...

it's not ugly!
the cute bird;)

Canada said...

This is an awesome post, im super glad that i stumble upon it. maybe i will even submit this to stumble upon, i think my group would enjoy it.