Apr 27, 2011

Happy World Tapir Day!

Every year, April 27th is World Tapir Day, dedicated to raising awareness of one of the most wonderful non-conventionally-attractive mammals in the world. This photo is a Baird's tapir, my favorite, which lives in Mexico and Central America. (Well, this particular one lives in New Jersey, but you get the point.) There are three (possibly four) other species, all from the New World except for the Malayan tapir, the black and white one that you are probably familiar with, if you're at all familiar with tapirs.

If you're not familiar with tapirs, of course, you're probably bewildered. People often guess that they are anteaters or some kind of pig. In fact their closest relatives are horses and rhinos, but aren't they so much more wonderful?

You can find out if your local zoo is having an event at the World Tapir Day Facebook page. Elsewhere on the web, you can find a ton of information (and an excellent gift shop) here. You might also like this webcam where you can sometimes see some Brazilian tapirs snoozing.

- Wombat (No Relation)


taxi Toronto said...

nice piggy:P
Cool blog;)

W i e d e s i g n a r c h said...

tapiiiiiiirrrrr ^_^

Anonymous said...

I've noticed the posts around here have started to tapir off. (/rimshot)

Flehmen Response said...

Ohh, burn! (Failing to come up with a witty rejoinder.) Well, fear not--I have a couple posts in the pipeline. Thanks for the nudge.